25 Tips For Planning Your Own Wedding

Although some people hire professional wedding planners, many brides and some grooms prefer to plan their own weddings. Whether you just love DIY or are looking to save money, it is possible to successfully plan your own wedding without going crazy! It is a lot of work and requires a lot of planning, meeting deadlines and making tough decisions, but in the end it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. We have put together some useful tips to help you DIY and plan your special day just the way you want to.

1. Get Started By Setting Your Budget

Before diving into any of the details, it is very important to determine how much your wedding is going to cost and what you really can afford. Figure out the maximum amount you can spend on your entire wedding. Make sure to set your budget at the very beginning and then stick with it throughout your entire wedding planning process.

2. Take Your Time

Right after you get engaged, you may have the urge to get everything booked as soon as you can. However, it is important to not make any quick decisions. You don’t need to rush. You want to spend enough quality time becoming familiar with your vendors before you commit to anything. When it comes to choosing the date for your wedding, select a date that will give you enough time to plan your dream wedding and save money for it.Also if you book with a hairdresser Manchester in advance to make sure you get in to enjoy a unique and marvelous hair style.

3. Consult With Married Friends And Family Members

The people who got married recently are the best ones to talk with about what they wish they have done differently and what they did right. Consult with former brides you know for any tricks and tips they might have for being your own wedding planner.

4. Stock Up On Your Favorite Bridal Magazines

Pick up some current issues of bridal magazines. This will give you a good sense of what the current trends are. Either fold down pages with items and ideas that appeal to you, or cut them out so you can make your vision board.

5. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to get ideas and to save your own. Browse through wedding planning ideas and create your own boards. Share your boards with those who might be able to help you with your wedding plans.

6. Get Your Bridal Party Involved

Your bridal party is a great place to turn to for ideas and to help you with some of your wedding tasks. Let your bridesmaids know from the very beginning that you would love for them to be involved. You can also ask them to help with things they are passionate about and good at. For example, some might be good at researching local vendors while others love to do DIY crafts.

7. Create a Master To-Do List

During the first few weeks of wedding planning, everything will seem very chaotic and hectic. Start a master to-do list to help you stay organized. Use one document to jot down any tasks that you think of and then keep adding to your list whenever you think of something like purchasing wedding dress, bouquets, wedding shoes, make up etc.

8. Prioritize

You might feel very overwhelmed and feel like you don’t have time to do everything. Set priorities for all of the tasks that are on your to-do list. Everything should be ranked in order of their urgency and importance.

9. Delegate Tasks To Friends And Family Members

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you aren’t sure which tasks to delegate, have people who are willing to help look at your to-do list to choose items they think they can help you with.

10. Create A Monthly Playbook

Rather than just having a general plan for when tasks need to be completed by, create a month-by-month plan of everything that needs to be done and by when. That way when you are consulting your to-do list you will feel less stressed out and more organized. It will help you stay on task and meet your deadlines as well.

11. Negotiate With Your Vendors

After you get a quote from a vendor, go back and try negotiating with them. Whenever you are negotiating it is always a good idea to have a game plan. Know what price you are aiming for ahead of time and what details you want them to adjust for you.

12. Compare Quotes

Before signing with any vendor make sure to compare prices and services of several vendors first. Shop around to see what other vendors are charging before you agree to a price.

13. Focus On The Type Of Wedding You Want

When you start trying to plan your wedding, you might start feeling like there are an endless number of options and decisions that you need to make. To prevent this from happening to you, stay very focused on the kind of wedding you would like to have. Whether it is small or big, local or destination, decide early on what kind of wedding you want to have so that you can plan effectively.

14. Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

Try your best not to wait to the last minute to make plans or major decisions. You could end up spending more money that way and be stuck having to make compromises that you don’t want to make.

15. Incorporate DIY

You can save money by doing some DIY projects and crafts for your wedding. You might want to do DIY party favors, centerpieces or other wedding items. Get family members and friends involved to help you make some of the items.

16. Put Someone In Charge That You Trust

Select one person who you really trust and ask them if they will be in charge of some of the more important tasks such as handing out vendor tips or holding onto valuables.

17. Be Hands On With Your Wedding Ceremony

Work very closely with your officiant to plan a very personal and unique ceremony. Meet with them ahead of time to discuss that parts of the ceremony that you would like to change and add to the traditional ceremony script.

18. Work Together With Your Finance As A Team

The bride doesn’t have to do all of the planning on her own! Ask your finance for help throughout the process. You can even make planning your wedding something fun and special that you do together as a couple and team.

19. Pack Your Car Up The Night Before Your Wedding

About a week before your wedding day, start gathering up all of the items you are going to need for your wedding day and put them all in one area. The night before the wedding, get your car packed. That way you won’t have to stress out whether you have evening you need the morning of your wedding.

20. Ask When You Can Start To Set Up

Check with your venue ahead of time to find out when your vendors and you can begin arriving to start getting everything set up. Allow yourself a few hours ahead of time to ensure that your centerpieces look just the way you want them to do and that all of your other wedding details, such as the table cards and guest books are where they are supposed to be.

21. Consider Choosing A Theme

Consider choosing a theme early on in the process. That will make the planning process easier when you are trying to decide on things like flowers, colors and what kind of vibe you want your special day to have.

22. Select A Few Colors

To help pull the overall look and atmosphere of your wedding together, choose a few colors that you want to incorporate into your wedding. It is best to have two colors at least that complement one another.

23. Create Your Must-Have List

Throughout the planning process, there will be things you might not be sure that you can afford or want. Get a list created of your must-haves. Make sure you include things that will help to make your wedding be memorable and feel very personal to you and your fiance.

24. Don’t Try To Be Perfect

If you understand that some things will inevitably go wrong along the way it can help you feel less stressed out throughout your wedding planning process. Instead of trying to plan a perfect wedding, focus on planning your wedding so that it is very personal and meaningful for you and your finance. Those are the things you will remember long after your special day is over.

25. Remember What Matters The Most To You

Trying to plan a wedding can be a very overwhelming and emotional process. However,through everything always remember why you are having this celebration to begin with: to get married to the person you love and celebrate the occasion with your loved ones. Whenever you start to feel stressed out or that things are going wrong, try to keep things in perspective and remember why you are doing all of this wedding planning after all.