Christmas Wedding in July?

The Time To Reserve Your Holiday Wedding, although no

Pick Elvis as your own “Marriage” or possess Santa himself perform your own wedding or marriage vow renewal service! We don’t actually do Christmas at July here however it IS time to start planning your vacation wedding, if your hectic schedule is suited by December. Did you know that New Year’s Eve is next to Valentine’s Day for a romantic Vegas wedding? Holiday time in general–particularly Christmas Eve–which makes for traditional weddings that feature white and red dresses, blossoms, bowties– highlighted with gold and silver, of course! If you’re searching for a more fun-filled vacation wedding, choose some one of our Elvis wedding favours and add Mrs. and Santa Claus as backup dancers! They’ll look in a cloud of concealed behind our golden drape as Elvis sings, “Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me.” The entire effect makes an great vacation surprise for your visitors, particularly anyone streamed live online! Surprise Loved Ones and your friends

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