Meet Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ Florist, Chauffeur, Wedding Planner, Chippendale, Hunky Beach Dude and Knight of the Round Table…Sonny!Viva Las Vegas Weddings Blog

Sonny, Focusing on custom Structures for Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey! Sometimes your job title will not actually cover all you do, when you’re one of those wineries in Viva Las Vegas Weddings! Take Sonny, found previously. Because it started, almost 20 years 18, Sonny has been using all the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. After assembly chapel owner Ron Decar at the gym one day, Sonny had been told he would be ideal as a marriage style for your chapel’s themed weddings–playing with a Knight of the Round Table in Camelot weddings, and a Chippendale dancer in Las Vegas Themed Weddings, an Egyptian servant carrying brides down the aisle on Cleoptatra’s throne. This kind of thing. Sonny was not just a terrific fit for those roles, but he also began driving the limousines and answering phones! During these days, though, Sonny also had a different profession by night… Sonny arrived in Las Vegas 30 years ago to behave as a gymnast in a show at the Desert Inn, Showstoppers. (He had also

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