Same sex marriage Competitor Israel Folau Allegedly got married on the day of ‘yes’

Same-sex marriage: What happens next

Today Australians have voted in favour of marriage equality, it is up for our politicians to make it law. Political reporter Michael Koziol clarifies precisely what that entails.

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Same-sex marriage: discussion begins

Debate has started to change the Marriage Act starting with the drivers for change in the Significant parties Dean Smith and Penny Wong.

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Same-sex marriage: the timeframe

The bill to alter the marriage act is, the purpose is to have same sex marriage legalised before Christmas and also with merely a couple weeks to get it completed, politicians will begin debating the laws straight away.

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Diplomat drops to his departure in Manhattan balcony

A Australian diplomat has died after accidentally falling from his balcony at New York City while drinking friends.

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YES consequence: Just how the day played out

It began with a statistician, also finished with a bill introduced into the Senate. Look back at the defining moments of this historic moment.

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‘We cried’: The Way Sydneysiders responded

We talked to fans of same-sex marriage in the statement of the marriage survey results to see how they felt about the triumph to get the YES campaign.

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‘I’ve been with this guy 11 years and today I can bloody marry him’

Wednesday’s same-sex marriage plebicite results sparked joy, tears and a spontaneous marriage proposal out Melbourne’s Loop Bar. Vision courtesy Loop Bar/Tom Mackie.