5 facts about designer Giorgio Armani that you did not know

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The 85-year-old Italian designer Giorgio Armani is a true example of style sustained over the years and a commercially successful entrepreneur. In his youth, he studied medicine, served in the army, but you cannot escape fate, and one case changed his plans and outlook on life forever. The future designer was offered to decorate shop windows, and already in the 60s he began to work actively with male design in the line of Cerruti Hitman from the Italian designer Nino Cherruti. We share 5 more facts that you did not know about the legendary designer.


He considers himself better than his colleagues.

A designer in an interview for WWD once shared his views on the design possibilities of his colleague Miuccia Prada: “It’s very simple to make a dress with a V-neck and bold prints. Much more difficult to sew a suit or jacket. Choose what is easier. "


And when the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, released models on the catwalk with replicas of their heads in their hands, Armani said: “No, I don’t want to be a part of it. Fashion cannot be the subject of media scandals. We need to develop and worry, but not to shock – this is too much. "

He once put it against gays


“If a person dresses in such a way as to say with his whole appearance,“ Oh, you know, and I am a homosexual, ”this is unacceptable to me. A man must remain a man, ”said the designer, who has never concealed his unconventional sexual orientation.

He is a successful businessman.


His eponymous brand, which includes a couture, ready-to-wear and Emporio-line, brings Armani a good profit. In 2012, the company's designer’s annual income reached $ 2.16 billion. Armani’s capital is $ 6.40 billion and Giorgio is officially the most successful Italian designer.

He wears the honorary title of father of Italian fashion

Armani can rightfully be called the patron saint of fashion in Italy. He designed a uniform for the police, dressed Milanese taxi drivers, and even worked on the cover of a gospel book for the Pope.

Thanks Armani became popular bombers


His appearance bomber jacket obliged Giorgio Armani. The first models that he developed in 1970 under his own name were leather bombers.

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