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My name is Ashley D. Moody (can be Ashley and can be on “you”), I’m 32 years old, I’m from St. Petersburg, I’m a journalist by training.

For a long time I worked in an international corporation and was very happy, but some time ago I quit and decided to think about what I want to do in life further (in a blog I talked about how I made the decision and what I did after my dismissal, and about what came out of it). After my travels around the world, I returned home to Petersburg, writing articles for the magazine “Liza” and for the online magazine InMyRoom, keeping this blog and trying myself in various interesting projects.

Blogging and entrepreneurship so captured me that I organized the project Start Blog Up, about blogging and communications for creative entrepreneurs. I organize thematic meetings of bloggers, conduct trainings and individual consultations. If you are interested in blogging, welcome!

It may seem to you that in a blog called “The House I Want to Come to,” I will write about repairs, plaster walls, and 10 kitchen layouts less than 8 square meters. Then I should immediately warn you that this is not the case. Yes, I love to make my apartment clean, comfortable and beautiful, I love shopping for the house, but in general I am about happiness. I am not about wallpaper, not about furniture, not about chandeliers and not about paint on the walls. I’m talking about projects, tips, things in life. About friends, about get-togethers, about “let’s go”. About the gifts just like that, talking about tea, talking about feet in the air. I’m talking about scooters for adults, about flour on the tip of the nose, about colored dreams (dreams just have to be colored, otherwise there is no way). About memories: in photos, in little things, in postcards, in words that remain after you. I – about the fact that it was beautiful. Externally and internally.

I believe that home is one of the most important sources of happiness. The house is of course cozy rooms, order in the closet, special little things that create the atmosphere, aromatic food cooked in the oven. But this is also the one who lives in this house. How do you spend your evenings here, do you have your own little traditions, how do memories remain.