Met Gala 2019: how it was

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The annual Met Gala Ball was held at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum, which this time made celebrities carefully study Susan Sontag’s Camp Essay on Fashion Notes in an attempt to figure out what the theme of the event was and the exhibition of the same name this year. When the ball is dedicated to the theme, which is based on irony, humor, parody, theatricality, pretentiousness and fun, clothes just can not be boring. And as it was clearly demonstrated from the very beginning of the event, one of the co-chairs of 2019, Lady Gaga, the participants of Met Gala 2019 were simply destined to cause universal admiration, surprise or shock (and in some cases – all at once or nothing). We present the most vivid images of the past evening.

Camp could be a suitable excuse for Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour to surprise the entire fashion industry with an unexpected outfit — a pantsuit or mini-skirt. However, she remained true to herself, and after fitting the theme of the ball to her own style, she appeared in a luxurious dress from Chanel, along with a cape of pink feathers.

Following the notes of Sontag, who preached that Camp is “a love of exaggerations,” Lady Gaga decided not to dwell on one image and chose four at once. The singer appeared at the ball in a huge bright pink dress from Brandon Maxwell. Her assistants, who accompanied the singer with umbrellas in their hands, lifted the first outfit, under which turned out to be a magnificent black dress. Like a matryoshka doll, Lady Gaga stripped off two more layers of clothing, finally remaining in brilliant underwear.

Billy Porter at Met Gala 2019

Billy porter

It seemed that after appearing at the Oscar in the tuxedo dress, Billy Porter could not surprise us in any way (besides, he needed to keep his eyes on the background of Lady Gaga). But when six men carrying the pharaoh’s throne appeared on the walkway, it turned out that Porter’s luxury level had no limits. The ancient Egyptian image of the actor consisted of a golden jumpsuit from The Blonds, supplemented with a crown and wings that made him look like a phoenix.

Jared Leto, dressed in a luxurious red Gucci suit, decorated with lots of crystals, chose a pair of unusual guest Met Gala 2019 – a copy of his own head. Looks like he was inspired by a show of the Gucci Fall / Winter 2018 collection.

Celine Dion and Florence Welch on Met Gala 2019

Celine Dion and Florence Welch

Celine Dion wore a gold dress and a headdress from Oscar de la Renta weighing almost 10 kilograms. In instagram Oscar de la Renta said that creating the image of the singer, inspired by the costumes in the film "Zygfield Madness", took 3000 hours.

Florence Welch, never leaving the image of a forest fairy, put on a Gucci cape, decorated with dragons.

Despite the fact that, to everyone’s disappointment, the image of one of the co-chairs of the ball turned out to be too faded, Harry Styles studied the topic of the camp and learned to hold the correct posture. Art critic Jerry Salz believes that Camp is in posture contraception, when the weight is transferred to one leg – and that is how it posed on the Styles track.

Cardi B on Met Gala 2019

Cardi b

Cardi B arrived at Met Gala 2019 in a giant burgundy dress from Thom Browne with a long quilted hem. Completed the image of a headdress from Stephen Jones x Thom Browne. In order to climb the stairs, the singer needed the help of 10 men. It took more than 2,000 hours of work for 35 people to create a dress full of down and decorated with 30 thousand feathers.

That evening Katy Perry became a chandelier with electric candles and chains of crystals – the outfit was created by Jeremy Scott.

Jordan Roth on Met Gala 2019

Jordan roth

Sontag wrote that camp is “a continuation of the metaphor of life as a theater,” and Jordan Roth, president of Jujamcyn Theaters, took this phrase literally, appearing at a ball in a cape, decorated as an opera house.

Met Gala 2019: how it was

Laverne Cox and Casey Musgraves

Laverne Cox appeared before the public in Met Gala 2019 in a luxurious black image by Christian Siriano with lush ruffles, selecting shadows to match her hair color.

Singer Casey Musgraves tried on the image of Barbie: a pink dress by Moschino was perfectly combined with perfectly laid blond hair, a pink boa, rose-colored glasses and a pink handbag in the form of a hairdryer. The official Barbie account on instagram appreciated the outfit.

Because of Frank Oushen's costume, he could be confused with the security of the event, but there was something ironic-camp in this: to appear at the most extravagant party in the most inconspicuous dress.

Ezra Miller at Met Gala 2019

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller, who originally hid the costume under the mask with his face and a light cape decorated with pearls, then revealed his surreal image with several pairs of eyes that resembled the works of Dali, Magritte and Man Ray.

Zendaya proved that the Costume Institute's Ball is the most magical night of the year. With the help of a magic wand of her godfather (whose role was taken by the stylist Lowe Roach), Cinderella in a black and blue ball gown of Tommy Hilfiger with puffy sleeves and a wide skirt began to glow. The image was completed with a neat blonde hairstyle and a clutch in the form of a pumpkin carriage.

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Underneath the magic. This work

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Sirshey Ronan, Anderson Pak and Janelle Monet on Met Gala 2019

Sirshi Ronan, Anderson Pak and Janel Monet

Gucci's bright Sirshi Ronan dress at the same time made her look like a queen and a warrior.

Rapper Anderson Pak dressed in the style of a modern cowboy, combining a patterned blazer with a light hat and burgundy boots decorated with flowers.

Janelle Monet embodies the English metaphor “wear many hats”, meaning the performance of several roles: being a singer, actress and producer, she appeared on Met Gala 2019 in several hats, complementing her image with a Christian Siriano face dress.

Kardashian-Jenner at Met Gala 2019
Despite the artsy theme of this year, Kanye West appeared at the ball in an unexpectedly inconspicuous costume. The rapper's minimalist image consisted of a $ 43 Dickies black jacket, plain black trousers, and Yeezy Season 4 Military Combat Boot boots. His wife, Kim Kardashian, on the contrary, chose an unusual latex dress from Thierry Mugler, which took 8 months to complete.

Cara Delevingne

Tracy Ellis Ross

Lupita Nyong'o

Michael uri

Diana von Furstenberg

Hamish bowles

The history of the Met Gala Institute costume ball is here.

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